Vladimir Narovlansky

Postdoctoral Fellow
John A. Wheeler Postdoctoral Fellow 2021-2022
Office Phone
409 Jadwin Hall

I am interested in quantum field theory, gravity, and quantum information. Quantum field theories are fundamental to our understanding of particles and the forces that govern them. Additionally, my interest in conformal field theories is motivated both by the role they play in describing critical phenomena in condensed matter and statistical physics, as well as their gravitational behavior in holographic settings. I am also interested in disordered systems because of their ubiquity and the interesting phenomena that they give rise to. In the context of gravity, I am particularly interested in models that can teach us about quantum gravity. In particular, I have been studying the double-scaled SYK model. This is a disordered system, and is a rare example of a chaotic, and yet solvable model. I also believe quantum information, as well as chaos, play a crucial role in modern physics, in particular in the question of thermalization of subsystems, as well as in the thermodynamics of black holes and other gravitational systems.