Rhine Samajdar

Affiliated Postdoctoral Fellow
Jadwin Hall 304

I am a theoretical physicist working at the interface of condensed matter physics, quantum information science, and atomic, molecular, and optical physics. My recent research has focused on harnessing quantum simulators to realize, probe, and control novel phases of matter—which may be difficult to obtain in conventional solid-state materials—and to study the quantum phase transitions between them. In particular, I am interested in using these tunable “synthetic” platforms to gain new insights into frustrated magnetism, lattice gauge theories, quantum algorithms, and nonequilibrium quantum dynamics.

I am also broadly interested in investigating correlation-induced emergent phenomena in quantum materials, ranging from the high-temperature cuprate superconductors to graphene-based moiré heterostructures, which have been the focus of much of my prior work. In the past, I have also worked on the mathematical connections between spectral theory and quantum chaos.

Home Department: Physics

Princeton Quantum Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow