Bacteria versus Phage: the Main Event

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Jan 10, 2024Jan 12, 2024
PCTS, Room 407 Jadwin Hall


Event Description

Organizers: Grace Beggs, Ofer Kimchi, Victoria Muir, Sujit Datta, Ned Wingreen

This workshop will focus on the interactions between bacteria and phage – battles in a war that has been raging for billions of years. Recent advances in metagenomic sequencing that allow a deep look into the world of bacteria and phage have brought this topic once again to the forefront of microbiology. Moreover, advances in modeling microbial interactions and community dynamics make this topic an important frontier in biological physics and physical/mathematical biology. Hence, this workshop will bring together a diverse group of scientists interested in phage, including ecologists, evolutionary biologists, molecular biologists, biophysicists, and theorists/modelers, to exchange ideas and knowledge on this important topic. We will cover a broad range of topics, such as the molecular mechanisms of phage infection including the many recently discovered attack, defense, and counter-defense strategies, the coevolution of bacteria and phage, the ecological consequences of phage predation, and the application of phage therapy in the treatment of bacterial infections.

We will be live streaming the workshop, however we will not be recording.

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