Nonlinear Aspects of General Relativity

Registration is now closed. The deadline was August 1, 2023. We will be contacting those that registered with more information soon. The workshop is in-person only.
Oct 10, 2023Oct 13, 2023
PCTS, Room 407 Jadwin Hall


Event Description

Organizers: Alejandro Cárdenas-Avendaño (Princeton Univ.), Macarena Lagos (Columbia Univ) Adam Pound (Univ. of Southampton), Igor Rodnianski (Princeton Univ.), Gautam Satishchandran (Princeton Univ.), Leo Stein (Univ. of Mississippi), Rita Teixeira da Costa (Princeton Univ.), Niels Warburton (Univ. College Dublin)

Einstein’s theory of General Relativity is a well-posed theory of gravity from which one should be able to extract predictions for the evolution of any suitable initial configuration. Extracting concrete predictions can be extremely challenging in practice, mainly due to the nonlinear character of the Einstein equations. 

This workshop aims to bring together a diverse group of researchers from astrophysics, physics and mathematics backgrounds to share ideas and explore multi-disciplinary strategies for tackling the nonlinear aspects of General Relativity. These issues range from black hole mergers/ringdown, and gravitational self-force to cosmic censorship and the stability of black holes.

The workshop is in person only; we will not be Zooming nor live streaming.

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