General Relativity in the Next 100 Years
Apr 7, 2016Apr 9, 2016
PCTS, Jadwin Hall, Room 407


Event Description

Organizers: Vasilis Paschalidis, Frans Pretorius, Kent Yagi

This workshop will discuss the future of research in general relativity following the 100th anniversary of Einstein's publication of the theory, with a focus on topics where computational methods will be key to making progress on interesting open questions. The workshop will focus on 3 broad areas: gravitational wave astrophysics, theoretical general relativity, and novel computational methods.

Featuring the 41st Annual Donald R. Hamilton Lecture:
Gary Horowitz, UC-Santa Barbara,
"Strange Views of Space and Time: From Einstein to String Theory"
April 7, 2016 ~~ 8:00 pm ~~ McDonnell Hall, Room A02

  • PCTS
  • Department of Physics, Princeton University