Through the Looking-glass: a Glimpse into the Geometry and Topology of Materials

Dec 3, 2012Dec 5, 2012
PCTS, Jadwin Hall


Event Description

Organizers: Elisabetta Matsumoto, PCTS and Christian Santangelo, U. Mass, Amherst

Geometry and topology govern many of the physical, biological and material properties of everyday objects. Complexity often arises from simple interactions in systems living in nontrivial geometries or topologies. This interdisciplinary workshop aims to unite mathematicians, physicists, biologists and engineers sharing common interest in applied geometry and topology. Our goal is both to further develop the use of geometry to understand materials and introduce topology into the conversation. Topics include topological defects in condensed matter and complex materials, physics on curved surfaces, knots, braids and nets in physics and biology, and persistent homology as a technique to identify topological structure in data.

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