Higgs Physics After Discovery

Seminar Series and Conference
Oct 3, 2012Apr 26, 2013


Event Description

Organizers: Nathaniel Craig, Rutgers/IAS; Mariangela Lisanti, PCTS; Sue Ann Koay, Princeton University

In light of the LHC's recent discovery of a Higgs-like particle, it is of critical importance to characterize the properties of this new particle and understand its implications for new physics.  Close collaboration between theorists and experimentalists will be of paramount importance during this period, as information garnered in Higgs searches may be rapidly used to characterize the Higgs sector and develop new measurements to refine our understanding of the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking.  The primary purpose of this program is to foster increased communication about Higgs-related developments at the LHC between experimentalists and theorists at local institutions through a seminar series and two-day workshop.

Featuring: Hamilton Public Lecture
Joseph Incandela
“The Search for the Higgs Boson: Discovery at the LHC”
Thursday April 25, MacDonnell A02 8:00 PM