Bridging the Gap Between the Geosciences and Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Oct 1, 2012Oct 2, 2012
PCTS, Jadwin Hall


Event Description

Organizers: Natasha Flyer; Michael Ghil; Seth Stein; Grady Wright; Dave Yuen; Frederik Simons

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together theoretical Geoscientists, Mathematicians, Statisticians and Computer Scientists around the common goal of identifying and solving challenging problems in the Geosciences. The focus will be on gathering a group of Principal Investigators to spearhead a proposal to the National Science Foundation, but all interested are welcome to attend the talks and discussions.

Space is limited, however, any interested parties should register to attend the public talks. Please contact Frederik Simons at [email protected] for information about the program or Dawn Reading at [email protected] on how to register.

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