Exact Methods in Gauge/String Theories

Nov 11, 2011Nov 12, 2011
PCTS, Jadwin Hall


Event Description

Organizers: Benjamin Basso, Masahito Yamazaki, Herman Verlinde

The program focuses on a wide range of exact methods which have been developed over the last few years in the study of the non-perturbative dynamics of gauge/string theories. The keywords include localization techniques, matrix models and quantum integrable systems. These methods have already led to a wealth of important results, such as the exact computation of partition functions, the analysis of vacua of supersymmetric gauge theories, several precise tests of the AdS/CFT correspondence, and new non-perturbative dualities between gauge theories in various dimensions.

The main purpose of the workshop is to gather leading researchers in these fields and overview the recent achievements. The speakers are chosen from rather broad areas, and we hope that their confrontation will stimulate new ideas and perspectives in these fields.