The 2011 Distingushed Visiting Lecturer

Sir Michael Berry, Melville Wills Professor of Physics (Emeritus) University of Bristol
Feb 14, 2011Feb 24, 2011


Event Description


14 February
Seminar: 1:15 pm
Variations on a theme of Aharonov and Bohm

21 February
Seminar: 1:15 pm
Hamilton’s diabolical singularity

22 February
Seminar: 4:30 pm
Singularity-dominated strong fluctuations

Informal lunch talks:

17 February
12:30 pm
Polarization fingerprints in the clear blue sky
(bring your own lunch)

24 February
12:30 pm
Tsunami asymptotics
(bring your own lunch)

  • PCTS, First PCTS Annual Lecturer, 2011
  • D.E. Shaw & Co