Structure & Dynamics of Water & Aqueous Solutions

CRT Coordination Meeting, Computational Materials and Chemical Sciences Network
Dec 6, 2010Dec 10, 2010
PCTS, Jadwin Hall, Room 407


Event Description

Organizers: Roberto Car, Giulia Galli, John Rehr

Water and aqueous solutions are ubiquitous in Nature. However, while their properties have been extensively investigated, their fundamental structure and response is still poorly understood, particularly from the viewpoint of first-principles quantum mechanical theory. This workshop is the first coordination meeting of a DOE Computational Materials and Chemical Sciences Network (CMCSN), which has been set to advance the theoretical understanding of water and aqueous solutions as probed by photons, electrons and neutrons. The CMCSN will facilitate progress in this field by fostering interactions within a wider collaborative research team (CRT) that includes theoreticians and experimentalists.


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