Frontiers in Quantum Computing Program

Continued from 2007-2008
Oct 15, 2008May 27, 2009


Event Description

Organizers: William Brinkman; Robert Calderbank; Shivaji Sondhi

These events are a continuation from a  (two) year long program, "Frontiers in Quantum Computing".  The program will focus on three aspects of realizing quantum computers: first, the interface between quantum algorithms and physics (can classes of quantum algorithms be mapped into problems interesting to physicists?); second, the design of practical quantum computing hardware and the specialization of algorithms to that hardware; and, third, the possible realization of the "topological quantum computing" approach using quantum many-body systems exhibiting "topological phases."

The events from 2007-2008, can be seen here.

  • PCTP (Princeton Center for Theoretical PHYSICS)
  • The MITRE Corporation