Critical Phenomena in Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory

A Joint CRM-PCTS Workshop
October 3 – 5, 2018

Workshop Organizers:
Michael Aizenman, Igor Klebanov, Silviu Pufu

Invited Speakers

Title Speaker Slides Video
On a Mathematical Theory of Repeated Quantum Measurements Vojkan JaksicSlides Video
Lace Expansions David Brydges Slides Video
A New SU(2) Anomaly Edward Witten Slides Video
Small Divisors, Diophantine Numbers and Interacting Quantum Many Body Systems Vieri Mastropietro Slides Video
Edge Universality in Interacting Topological Insulators Marcello Porta Slides Video
Universal Randomness in 2D Scott Sheffield Slides Video
Renormalization Group Flows in Disordered Field Theories Ofer Aharony Slides Video
Tying Up Instantons with Anti-Instantons in O(N) and CPN Models Nikita Nekrasov Slides Video
The Tensor Track Vincent Rivasseau Slides Video
Effective Action in Tensor Field Theories Razvan Gurau N/A Video
Origin of Magic Angles in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Grigory Tarnopolsky Slides Video
Critical Phenomena and the Conformal Bootstrap David Poland N/A Video
Some amateurish thoughts and wishes for non-perturbative RG Slava Rychkov N/A Video
Phase Diagrams for Melonic Tensor / Disordered Models F Schaposnik Massolo Slides Video
6-Vertex Model, Lipschitz Functions, Proper Colorings and Other Lattice Models with Hard ConstraintsRon PeledSlides Video
Random Band Matrices in the Delocalized Phase Paul Bourgade Slides Video
Traversable Wormholes Juan Maldacena Slides Video

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