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Information for Visitors to the PCTS

Welcome to the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science! We are located on the the fourth floor in Jadwin Hall, the Department of Physics Building, located on Washington Road.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact me, the Center Manager, Charlene Borsack, in Room 400 Jadwin Hall, at 609-258-1398 or email me at

To contact the Department of Physics call 609-258-4400, Option #4.


How to reach the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science
Where do I go once I get to Princeton?
How do I get a visitor's office?
Computers and Printing at the PCTS
Reimbursement for your trip
How to get to IAS

How to reach the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science:

Where do I go once I get to Princeton:
Park in Lot 21 if driving and walk to Jadwin Hall or take the shuttle bus. Upon arrival please see Charlene Borsack, Center Manager, PCTS, in Room 400 on the fourth floor of Jadwin Hall. You will receive an office key and be shown to your work location. If Charlene is not available, please see Paul Steinhardt, Director, in Room 404 Jadwin. Otherwise, make yourself comfortable in one of the lounge areas of the PCTS.

How do I get a visitor's office:
Please see Charlene Borsack, Center Managre, PCTS, in Room 400 on the fourth floor of Jadwin Hall.

Computers and Printing at the PCTS
Visitor offices have a desktop computer but most people will bring their laptops.There is a wireless connection throughout campus. The campus is part of the EDUROAM system which you should use if your home institution is a member. If you do not have an EDUROAM account then you can log on as PUVisitor. If you will be here for longer than seven days, our IT department will extend your usage. Please see Charlene Borsack and give her your ethernet address.

A guest computer cannot print. If you absolutely must print a document please see Charlene Borsack. Network registered computers can print on campus. For instructions on how to print from various computers, please read Printing Notes at:

Reimbursement for your trip:
If you have made arrangements with the PCTS for reimbursement of your travel expenses, it is necessary for you to provide us with either your original travel receipts or scanned copies, along with a completed and signed Expense Report, which can also be scanned and emailed. To receive the forms and instructions, please contact Charlene Borsack, PCTS, at The completed forms and scanned receipts should be returned directly to Charlene Borsack (Do not send them to 701 Carnegie.) Here is a list of possible expenses for which we would need receipts:
  1. Airline e-tickets (no boarding pases are needed)
  2. Taxi
  3. Bus/Rail
  4. Parking
  5. Meals
If you are asking to be reimbursed for personal car mileage, you must include your point of origination and the proper mileage from a mapping service such as Mapquest or Google Maps, and the rate will be calculated by Princeton University using the current mileage reimbursement rate.

How to get to IAS:

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